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Re: [css-d] How to replaces tables/frames with CSS?

Sent by Mark Howells on 30 January 2002 08:08

> Concerning the following code, Mark Howells says:  Almost perfect in
> IE5/Mac, except you need to make the total less than
> 100% or the 'main' box drops below the 'left' box (though it still
> floats right). Using values of 20% / 79.9% works ok.
> ----------
> So why not do this:
> #left {
> 	position: relative;
> 	float: left;
> 	width: 20%;
> 	background-color: gray; }
> #main {
> 	position: relative;
> 	float: right;
> 	width: 79.9%; /* IE 5 */
> 	width: 80% /* IE 6 */
> 	background-color: gray; }

This seems to work in IE5/Mac, though I'm not sure why. I was of the 
impression that this browser handled CSS very well and so the second 
width definition should be understood.

Removing the width definition on #main allows a fixed-width 'left' box 
and a dynamic width 'main' box (which expands to fill the remaining 
width of the page).

Only quirk in IE5/Mac is that resizing the browser window to one 
particular width (with my dummy text) causes the 'main' box to drop 
below the 'left' box.

Mark Howells
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