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RE: [css-d] Page in NS 6.2

Sent by Owen Gregory on 25 January 2002 09:09

I've noticed the rollover problem too and I remember Zeldman mentioning it late last year. 
Apparently, it's due to the fact that Netscape 6 doesn't support the often-used JavaScript pre-load
methods which over the years have been optimized for IE and earlier versions of Netscape.  This is
true of Opera as well.  As Zeldman said, "This is not a problem with Opera, it's a problem with the
way we build sites".

Owen Gregory

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From: Judy Benedict [EMAIL-REMOVED]]
Sent: 25 January 2002 14:23
Subject: [css-d] Page in NS 6.2

I did this site when I was first learning CSS back in August.  My client
uses IE 5.5 to view the site but I decided to just test it in NS 6.2 and
it popped it to the left and divided up my navigational bar.  Without
getting too deep into it, does anyone see any major problems right away
that I could fix?

Also, when I mouse-over the nav. bar the image disappears and the alt
text shows up for a sec or 2 before the mouseover image shows up.  I
have noticed this now on all my sites that I am using JavaScript
mouseovers created in Fireworks. (Oh, not related to CSS, I guess?)


Judy Benedict
Giraffe Web Design Services
"Heads Above The Rest!"

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