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RE: [css-d] Divergence between compliant browsers

Sent by RUST Randal on 30 January 2002 08:08

Andrew Mutch says:  "While market forces might be able to ignore
accessibility issues,
government organizations won't have the same luxury."


However, market forces in the US are not above the Americans with
Disabilities Act.  See:

As *real* web developers and designers, I think it is important to push for
standards.  Not only does it save us a lot of the headaches, but it can SAVE
THE CLIENT TIME AND MONEY.  This is an advantage to the client, not a
detriment.  Just because their page doesn't view the same in NN 4.7 doesn't
mean they don't care about their image.  It means they care about making
their message ACCESSIBLE to as many potential customers as possible.

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