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Re: [css-d] OT: Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory

Sent by Rachel Andrew on 30 January 2002 07:07

>i'm since some months moderator in the (german
>macromedia user-group for dreamweaver). the average level of general
>HTML-/web-knowledge of dreamweaver-user is simply desastrous!

I hang out on macromedia.dreamweaver and the situation is very much the 
same. In fact I would go further to say there is a great deal of hostility 
towards validation and standards and frequently I read threads where people 
who are enquiring about validation/why their DW page doesn't validate are 
told not to worry about it.

This I don't understand. For many users of DW they will find that doing 3 
things will allow their pages to validate:
1. Adding alt text
2. Changing the inserted script tags.
3. Adding a DOCTYPE

None of the above will break a page as long as they are well advised as to 
which DOCTYPE to use. Having done all of the above they may find that one 
or two things still cause the page not to validate, but with an almost 
valid page they are at a good point to make an informed decision as to 
whether to keep those things or to try another method, and at least are 
informed of the issues and have a page that is more accessible even if they 
do decide not to go the whole way.

This is a win/win situation - you now have a user who is more educated and 
better placed to make their own decisions as to what is important. 
Respected members of the community saying 'don't worry about it'  and 
trying to discredit those who make a point about standards and validation, 
is just perpetuating the problem of badly educated users slinging out 
invalid, broken pages without understanding what they are doing.

Rachel Andrew

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