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Percentage-width input field bug in IE

Sent by Mike Daross on 31 May 2006 23:11

Felix -
> Sounds like a problem that wouldn't exist if the input field width was
> sized in em, or if the whole layout was sized in em.
Thanks for the reply, but this doesn't really help, since the field 
needs to take up 100% of a pre-defined column, and we can't modify the 
entire layout; this code is embedded into existing blog templates (like 
blogspot, movable type, etc.) with pre-defined css.  Setting the width 
in pixels also works to get around the issue, but doesn't get to the 
root of the problem, which is why it is happening in the first place.

Thanks anyway, though.


On 06/05/31 16:20 (GMT-0400) Mike Daross apparently typed:

> > Hi.  I'm doing some work that involves embedding a form on the sidebar 
> > of people's blogs, and there is a bug that seems to appear on some blogs 
> > but not on others.  The form contains a form input field with the style 
> > "width: 100%;", and, in IE/Win, entering text into that field causes the 
> > field to suddenly jump in width, breaking the layout....

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