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Percentage-width input field bug in IE

Sent by Mike Daross on 31 May 2006 21:09

Hi.  I'm doing some work that involves embedding a form on the sidebar 
of people's blogs, and there is a bug that seems to appear on some blogs 
but not on others.  The form contains a form input field with the style 
"width: 100%;", and, in IE/Win, entering text into that field causes the 
field to suddenly jump in width, breaking the layout.  I've found a 
couple of verifications that this is a real bug, including a post to 
this list (, but 
no one seems to have an explanation of what triggers it in the first 
place. I believe it's the same bug mentioned here:

but the <fieldset> solution didn't work, so I need to figure out what 
the root cause is and how to get around it.  Unfortunately, I can't give 
out a URL of the actual code to look  at. I'm hoping someone here is 
familiar with this bug and will be able to point me in the right direction.

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