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[css-d] Re: how do you kill vertical scrollbar in IE 1 2

Sent by Timothy J. Luoma on 30 January 2002 01:01

On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, John Woram wrote:

> > If anyone *does* see a vertical ghostbar or other glitch at
> >, please give a holler--and let me know what
> > browser you're using.
> Timothy Luoma replied: "(Opera @ 1400x1050 actually)"
> You see a vertical ghostbar in Opera at the resolution you cited?

No no, I was kidding... sorry.

I saw the scrollbar in IE if I dropped down to that resolution, which many
folks use, but I don't use it (and I suspect few here do).

Then I tried to say "I actually use Opera @ 1400x1050" implying that since
at 10x7 there was no scrollbar, obviously 14x10 wouldn't have it either.

More humor lost via the medium, I'm afraid.  Sorry for the confusion

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