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[css-d] Re: OmniWeb, hidden DIVs & positioning bug?

Sent by Timothy J. Luoma on 30 January 2002 01:01

On Wed, 30 Jan 2002, Simon Seeber wrote:

> >  >OmniWeb's CSS is not currently fully functional
> >
> >That's putting it mildly. It's so messed up--and has such a small
> >share--that I don't even consider its flaws when designing pages. I
> it would be nice to think that except that when CodeBitch made some
> changes on the MacEdtion site OW users complained bitterly because OW
> had now made all the text unreadable. What do you do?

Mac OSX is the combination of Apple and NeXT, MacOS and NeXTSTEP.

OmniWeb was about the only GUI browser available on NeXTSTEP, and it was
free for personal users.  The folks @ Omni made no money on it, but did it
because they saw the need.

Just about everyone in the former NeXTSTEP camp will be using OW.  They
are an admittedly small but very loyal group.  They are also going to be
the first 'technies' in OSx since they are fomer Unix heads.

These are good folks who, if you are on a Mac, you want to have as your
customers.  The folks @ OmniGroup (the publishers) are a very small house
(about 10?) who do some amazing stuff (checkout their site sometime).

I don't see them giving up OmniWeb, and I suspect they will continue to
make it better.  Til then, they may be a small minority, but they OW had a
great UI (best I've seen, I think, in many respects) and will probably
grow in marketshare.

TjL, not an Omni employee, just a former NeXTHead who missed OmniWeb's UI

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