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Undocumented Properties: -x-background-x-position and -x-background-y-position

Sent by Dave Fisher on 9 May 2006 14:02


While noseying around the CSS for two
settings in drew my

    /* snipped */
    -x-background-x-position: 0pt;
    -x-background-y-position: 100%;
    /* snipped */

Googling uncovered a few random code snippets containing the same properties,
but no discussion of what these properties are.

I assume that they are non-standard extensions (from their non-appearance in
the CSS standards and the -x- prefix), but am reduced to random guesswork as to
where they actually from.

Can anyone tell me something more substantial about them?  

My best guess so far is that they are being used by some 'special' browser to
position a background image at the bottom of a container ... and I noticed they
are superficially similar to a couple of IE-only CSS property 'extensions'.

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