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Re: [css-d] How do *you* organize your CSS files?

Sent by ecd on 29 January 2002 22:10

Timothy J. Luoma wrote:

TJ> Do most folks here have one css file with a lot of definitions...

TJ> Do you put them in any sort of order in one big file,
TJ> break them into different files, etc.

i tend to separate mine (flame gear ON) by level of support. i typically a
basic borders/colors/fonts stylesheet i <link> to and an advanced
positioning/form styles/etc sheet i @import.

this way works well for me; NN4 still gets my color scheme and basic style
effects; everybody with better CSS support gets the <input> borders etc, and
my layouts don't seem to break.

of course, i also <link> to a print stylesheet, so i can hide my navbar and
re-style my text for print... but that usually surprises anyone who prints
from my apps.

i don't really make the pretty, i'm an app developer, not a designer. i've
often said, if you can't make the pretty, you can't fake the pretty, and
everyone who's seen my stuff has pretty much agreed. it's nice to have a
designer at work to make the pretty as a png, then get the chance to
re-build it in html, style it, and script it. check out -
i didn't design it, but i built it. (go easy on the tables; my bosses care
more for backward-compatibility than forward, and i am happy to oblige at
work. this is a HUGE improvement from where i started: fixed-width table,
all current hovers were img rollovers, etc. from home, though, - as yet unfinished and not quite pretty - i am ALL about
the future. except for the url. that's my anniversary. so you'll excuse the

anyway, what i wonder is how people organize their .css files. i have a
large file with all (or at least most of) the selectors logically grouped,
with room for #ids and .classes ( is
one example) - also, i seem to break lines differently than most. usually
it's like this:

selector    {    margin: 0 ; border: 0 ; padding: 0 ;
                    background properties ;
                    color properties ;
                    other display (width, height, clear, page-break, etc) ;
                    font properties ;
                    text properties ; }

i see a lot of people give one line per property-value pair, but i don't
have that much vertical space to spare, and i have a LOT of horizontal
space, so i use it.

how does everyone else format their css files?

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