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Re: [css-d] Re: OT: Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory

Sent by Lachlan Cannon on 29 January 2002 21:09

--- Andrew Clover [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> However all current software is very weak in this regard.
> Even the best
> visual tools still output crap, and are marketed at
> people who won't be
> able to recognise what's wrong with it.
> So, anyone want to help write an alternative? :-)

I have actually been thinking about doing this - writing
such a tool in javascript. This way it frees you up to just
have to write the building code, and let the browser do all
the display work - which shows how some things might not

Of course there are problems with that as well - it would
have to be complex javascript that would only work in DOM
browsers, and of course since you can't manipulate files
with javascript, you'd have to simply provide them with the
text sources and they'd have to copy and paste. 

This would be a very involved project - something I don't
think I'll work on till my site is all done. could take a
while in other words. ;)


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