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RE: [css-d] html>body (was RE: how do you kill vertical scrollbar in IE 1 2)

Sent by Lachlan Cannon on 29 January 2002 21:09

> On the down side though, what
> will happen
> when (and if) a future IE supports CSS2?

This is something I'm very concerned about since my layout
has to use this to supply IE with leftmargins instead of
lefts - otherwise it won't stop at the right and you need
to horizontally scroll. I think we really just have to hope
that by the time IE understands > it will also understand
other things better. Personally I can't wait for IE 7.. or
the next 6 upgrade. Now that they're not spending time on
pointless things (smarttags) hopefully they'll really be
able to fix a lot of these issues that prevent CSS layouts
for another few months / years depending on your need of
backwards compatibility.


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