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Re: [css-d] Divergence between compliant browsers

Sent by Lachlan Cannon on 29 January 2002 20:08

> If so, will this decrease user
> adoption of 
> Mozilla and its derivatives, thus driving even more users
> to IE? (And 
> what impact would such a result have on the future of
> standards 
> compliance across all browsers?)

It's not just things like this that drive people to IE
however, it's also the "image" of it all. I was at a
friend's house a few weeks ago, while he was out, and I
downloaded the latest Mozilla onto his machine.

The browser worked fine for all the sites he frequents
(when I'm around anyway, I don't know how it handled the
porn / warez sites he goes to the rest of the time - but it
should be fine with them), it launched as quickly as IE
using quicklaunch, and yet he deleted it not long after I
went. He doesn't have any problems with disc space - still
several GB free.

What's more his computer is horrendously buggy - Windows 98
plus he has a talent for destroying electronics. His
version of IE was affected by this, and so if nothing else
he needed Moz so he would be able to redownload IE and
reinstall it every so often. And yet in the face of all of
this he still deleted it just because he didn't like it. Or
as he put it "the thing about Mozilla, and the thing about
the recycling bin is they kinda met". 

Which incidentally was a pity because I wanted him to try
out my design for me in moz to make sure it worked since I
can't afford the download. Web standards isn't something
people will be sold on. If Mozilla really wants to take
off, it has to offer the same kinds of things IE offers to
the users. Users care about what they can do, not what
developers can do.


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