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mixed-up on how to address layout and image issues in IE (PC / Mac)

Sent by Clayton Farr on 31 March 2006 22:10

Hi Ingo,

Thanks for your continued help and patience.

> That's great to hear that it's working better. The window sizing issue is
> > the problem I was aware of initially - any ideas on what could be
> causing
> > this?
> by brute force, overflow: hidden seems to prevent the float drop in
> IE6/Win on window resize.
> * html #main_content { width: 64.5%; overflow:hidden }
> * html #side_content { width: 32.5%; overflow:hidden }

Excellent. I'll plug it in (unfortunately I don't have a ready way to check
the effects yet...) Also, if I understand the bug correctly, I need to
comment any 'overflow:hidden' calls away from IE5/Mac or else the content is
not displayed?

>> ...there is a vertical gap >1px between the images in IE6+7
> >> display:block should solve this.
> The gaps are gone now in IE/Win.

Great. Thanks for the tip.

I think the problem is the original img size of 120x120px. On my PC
> screen 1280x1024, the width of 50% scales these images up to 144x144px
> or more in IE7, until the max-width kicks in. Firefox does a smooth
> scaling, in IE6+7, it is pixelized.
> ...the problem is that IE6 does not take your max-width, so wider screens
> will conflict with these efforts. Maybe you should try a max-width
> script, if you haven't already.

I've been meaning to add a max-width hack for IE[1] but perhaps affording
more generous image sizes would be a better solution for now. I was just
worried about how big the page was getting to download since it is serving
as a one-page website until the full site is pulled together.

Thanks again Ingo for taking the time to come up with these solutions.

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