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clearing floats problem

Sent by Matt Tibbits on 31 March 2006 21:09



I'm using a horizontal navbar that is made up of a <ul> and floats.  After
the <div> that contains the navbar I have a left floated column and a
content section. I'm trying to use a margin at the top of my content section
and this looks fine in IE. Firefox, however won't put the margin until I
clear the navbar floats. When I do this, it looks fine in Firefox, but IE
has doubled the size of the top margin and also added a margin to the top of
the left floated column.


If my explanation doesn't make any sense, you can see this here: 


As it is, I'm clearing the navbar float and it looks good in FF. If you look
at IE both the left floated column and the content section are not where
they should be.  If I don't clear the float, IE looks good but FF doesn't. 


Can anyone help me out here? I'd like to understand why this is happening
and if possible fix this without resorting to hacks. 





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