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REPOST: Pure CSS IMG Rollover revisited, need site-check, polishing

Sent by Christian Montoya on 31 March 2006 19:07

On 3/31/06, cj [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> i'm on windows xp pro sp2 as well, not 98.  if you can think of
> anything to test i'll do it when i need another small break from work.
>  :)

OK, I see what it is now. Firefox 1.5 does not treat ALT text as
inline text, but applies the same styling to the text as the image
had. So... this doesn't seem to work any better than the previous

If I remember correctly it did work fine in IE 6... I think.

What is the correct behavior? Should ALT text be treated as inline
text? Is this a case for using the < object > tag in the future?

And is there any other way around it? I'm just trying to make the text
not get any of the styling that is applied to the image. Seems close
to impossible.

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