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Site Check Request Please (Updated)

Sent by Clayton Farr on 31 March 2006 19:07

I recieved an error saying this initial message was undeliverable to the
list. My apologies if this is accidentally a double posting. (I also updated
some recent info below.) Thanks! Clayton


Thanks to some quick feedback I've made these changes in an effort to become
better friends with IE:

* 'overflow:hidden' commented out from IE5/Mac (within 'base.css') - to try
and address missing banner image
* added 'width:100%' (on #quotes div within 'iewin.css') to try and give
'layout' to sidebar which was being pushed down below other float (float may
still be causing problems on widow resizing)
* added 'display:block' to #quotes img to remove unwanted padding on inline
images in #side_column
* declared 'width' within HTML for inline images that are being set to
percentage width via CSS to try and force IE to load full quality image
* revised colors and links to make more accessible

How do I look now ;-)

Thanks again for the help!
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