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mixed-up on how to address layout and image issues in IE (PC / Mac)

Sent by Clayton Farr on 31 March 2006 17:05

Hi Ingo,

IEMac: the first image I saw today was a man shooting a fireball into a
> lake. Great.

There are some good stories for that photo ;) Mel (listed on site) has just
finished a documentary on the fire artist shown.

IE6Win: the right sidebar is much more stable now. Switching to a lower
> text size does not drop the float anymore, good.
> There is still an issue when the window is sized smaller.

That's great to hear that it's working better. The window sizing issue is
the problem I was aware of initially - any ideas on what could be causing

No, there is a vertical gap >1px between the images in IE6+7
> display:block should solve this.

Thanks for pointing this out (and also taking the time to show it.) I'll
apply this fix.

The scaling (img width of 50% ) looks bad.

Yeah, this was intended to make the images scale with the fluid layout (in
respect to the width of the the #side_column). The images show up fine in
other browsers but seem to display a lower resolution in IE (although this
also seems inconsistent). I thought this may have been due to them being
loaded at a smaller size initially by IE (perhaps if the browser window was
small) and then being scaled from there so I tried to force them to load at
full size through the CSS first and then converting to percentages. It
sounds like it's still not working...

> I'd keep the img's at their original size/scale the in a graphic
> application, use float to position them horizontally. The center
> image would look fine on the left, too. Put them into an additional
> container with overflow: hidden and width:100% of the sidebar,
> or add overflow:hidden to the sidebar itself.

Let me see if I can play around with this, but I'm not sure I'm following
completely (the bit about using the graphic application to float and putting
the center image on the left.) So with setting the images not to scale and
be 'overflow:hidden' (which I hide from IE5/Mac I'm assuming) they would
then just crop on the right instead of scaling (or at least the full width

Great looking site. I'd love to take you up on your services in the future
if possible. Thanks again Ingo. I really appreciate you're help.

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