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One-Image "Rollovers?"

Sent by Christian Montoya on 31 March 2006 17:05

On 3/31/06, Mark D Hiatt [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> This seems like it should be do-able. I just don't think I know how to do
> it. And at the end of the day, maybe it isn't even advantageous and I
> should revert back to the classic rollover with another image.
> I have a link with an image to click on to send you to another page. I
> know how to create a rollover image and have that thrown up in CSS so that
> it looks like the black and white image lights up when you hover over it.
> Kewl.
> But I was thinking about this a little deeper and wondering if using a
> single image might not be better? Think of a domino, with one dot at the
> top and five dots on the bottom. One dot when the page loads, five dots
> when you hover the link. Can the single image serve for both states of the
> Link like that? 100x100 black and white on top, 100x100 full-on color on
> the bottom. A single 100x200 image. Normal state: the 100x100 at the top
> that is black and white. Hover over it, and the visible portion slides up
> and the 100x100 on the bottom, the full-color image, is visible.

Wow, good timing. You are looking for MIR:

ver 1:

see it in action here:

There is also ver 2, which still has some bugs, so if you need
something fast use ver 1:

Of course, if you want to use background images, that's also an
option, but a little less  accessible.


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