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Site check request please

Sent by Dominique Papin on 31 March 2006 14:02


Please take a look at this :
Most pages are on this temp server so you can look around. Don't worry, this
picture on the homepage isnt there forever.

I've been trying my best to build my site in xhtml strict with few hacks.
I've had to resort to javascript for I.E. for my dropdown menu (thanks
alistapart - sukerfish dropdowns).

I added divs to push my page to a minimum height when the content wouldnt
fill a page. I also tried sticking the footer to the bottom of the browser.
It works well with I.E. but its buggy with FF with long content :

Its generally buggy with Opera. It works, but if you resize the browser, you
have to 'reload' the page, e.g. by hovering the menu to make it fit. I dont
want to use the background image to fake the columns since my layout is in
'em' to allow larger font size.

I haven't looked at it in any Mac browsers, so i have no idea how well it

Thanks a lot!

(sorry if it was doubleposted ? something weird happened when i tried to
send it, and since i havent recieved it yet.. trying again)
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