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mixed-up on how to address layout and image issues in IE (PC / Mac)

Sent by Ingo Chao on 31 March 2006 10:10

Clayton Farr wrote:
> Thanks to some quick feedback I've made these changes in an effort to become
> better friends with IE:
> * 'overflow:hidden' commented out from IE5/Mac (within 'base.css') - to try
> and address missing banner image
> * added 'zoom:1' (on #quotes div within 'iewin.css') to try and give
> 'layout' to sidebar which was being pushed down below other float
> How do I look now ;-)

IEMac: the first image I saw today was a man shooting a fireball into a 
lake. Great.

IE6Win: the right sidebar is much more stable now. Switching to a lower 
text size does not drop the float anymore, good.
There is still an issue when the window is sized smaller.

>> * I have never heard of the 'zoom' property; I'll plug this in as well
width:100% should do the same, because in this case, no padding is 
applied. zoom:1, which is a MS proprietary extension, is more inert  [2].

>> * regarding the gap on the inline images (in #sc2) do you mean the 1px of
>> white space above/below or is there white space showing between the left
>> side and the vertical rule? (the former is intentional)

No, there is a vertical gap >1px between the images in IE6+7

display:block should solve this.

The scaling (img width of 50% ) looks bad. I'd keep the img's at their 
original size/scale the in a graphic application, use float to position 
them horizontally. The center image would look fine on the left, too. 
Put them into an additional container with overflow: hidden and 
width:100% of the sidebar, or add overflow:hidden to the sidebar itself.


> [2]

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