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problems with layout in Firefox But not IE?

Sent by francky on 31 March 2006 01:01

Ben Scott wrote:

>having problems getting the layout to come out in firefox and complaint browsers 
>was wondering if there is any reason for this especially the fact that the wrapper div isnt
wrapping properly and this is most oviously seen in that the black background and the background
tiled image of diagonal line
>I realise the HTML isnt totally validating because of flash content and some stupid extension I am
using which is putting head tags in the body, however this shouldnt be effecting the layout divs
>the site that is needing completed is 
>the more basic template I built it with is 
>thanks to anyone that can help
Hi Ben,
For some reason the class "moduletabledates" is not allowed to have more 
as 130px width, it seems.
See screenshot <>.
I guess it is the positioning of the moduletabledates-box in the 
containing div "#rightcontent" (by the margins and paddings).

"The wise advise"....
FF is strictly doing what the standard css-rules prescribe, IE often 
not. So when developed a page for IE (with incorrect code), it seems not 
to work in FF and other browsers.
In fact, you better can develop the pages for standards-compliant 
browsers, and see if IE is performing good. If not, you can add some 
IE-only 'conditional comments' to correct IE.


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