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Resolution question

Sent by Portman on 31 March 2006 00:12

Thank you for the reply Francky.


francky wrote:
> Hi Riva,
> As you see, the header (here the h1) has a fixed margin-right of 15px, 
> while the #main container is positioned in % of the screen width, 
> combined with margins in em's. One right side is fixed, and one is 
> flexible > in general it's not lining up.
> - Also within one resolution there can be differences: as you resize the 
> window, you see the header staying at the 15px from the right, but the 
> content-container is moving from more distance to less distance.
> Setting both in the same way (I shoud say: the 15px fixed) will solve 
> the problem.
> That is: the #main can be positioned at "right: 15px" with a "margin: 0 
> 1.2em" (only top/bottom), and a % for the width. The "left: 16.5%" then 
> can be canceled.
> Greetings,
> francky
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