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IE 5 and 5.5 Background dissapearing

Sent by Mike Ginter on 30 March 2006 23:11

I have tested this page (link below) in most modern browsers and all of 
them seem to work fairly well.  However in IE5 and 5.5 the background 
images never show up or keep disappearing (in the top user information 
and chapter navigation areas) every time I mouse over a link until I 
reload the page.
Flash will go at the top of the page. Sorry for the ugly look.

I am trying to not use any hacks for fear that pages may break in IE7 
(not tested yet) I have tried triggering the haslayout effect.  This 
solves position problems but the backgrounds still disappear.

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong or if there is even a solution.
Is there a solution for this??

These pages are a work in progress.

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