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The captions! The captions! AUGH!!!!!

Sent by Pringle, Ron on 30 March 2006 21:09

Marc wrote:

> The code below generates a header on the top-left of the 
> table. The text
> in the <p> element, however, rolls up into a ball on the 
> other end of the 
> table.
> It should start right under the heading. I've tried giving a 
> width:auto 
> and the
> holly hack, but to no avail. I've tried floating it. 
> I think this is all the relevant code.
> <div>
>         <table>
>                 <caption>
>                 <h2>Test Results:</h2>
>                 <p>Calculated Closing Costs: <%jsp stuff%></p>
>                 </caption>


I could be wrong as I haven't taken the time to consult the proper
sources, but I don't believe the caption can contain headers and
paragraph tags. You should instead style the caption directly.


<caption>Test Results: Calculated Closing Costs: xxxxx</caption>

And then write your rules as:

caption {
whateveryouwant: value;

Styling tables in general and captions in particular can be a bit odd if
you don't understand exactly how captions work as part of the structure
of the table.

Perhaps the following page will be of some help though.

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