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Preventing DIVs from dropping down the page on smaller screens.

Sent by Austin, Darrel on 30 March 2006 21:09

Is there a common way to solve DIVs from dropping down the page when the
browser is shrunk short of using min-width settings?

I'm having a problem mainly in IE. My markup is like this:

Div pageWrapper
   div leftNav {width: 200px; float: left;}
   Div contentColumnsWrapper {margin-left: 210px;}
       div leftColumn {float: left; width: 70%;}
       div rightColumn {float: right; width: 25%;}
       div clear: both
    /div contentColumnsWrapper
/Div pageWrapper

In IE, if I reduce my window to a specific width, the leftColumn and
rightColumn divs pop down below the leftNav div.

In addition, at a certain percentage width, just my rightColumn will
drop below the leftColumn. That issue appears to be that the two columns
aren't retaining their percetange widths properly (ie, as the window
shrinks, it appears both of those divs are taking up MORE than the 100%
of the container.)

Seems like a non-uncommon problem, but I haven't found a solution yet
via google. I'm not against using min-width hacks for IE, but would
prefer to not have to if there's a way.

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