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overflow: inheritance?

Sent by Adam Kuehn on 30 March 2006 17:05

David McFarland wrote:
>I was just looking over the CSS 2.1 specs and see that some
>properties that aren't inherited accept a value of 'inherit'

When the spec shows "Inherited: No" it simply means that the property 
is not inherited by default.  It does not mean that the property can 
never be inherited.  Granted, the spec language is unclear on this 
precise point, but it is easily inferred from the fact that the 
properties you point out, among others, explicitly take the "inherit" 
keyword as a valid value.

>For example, the overflow property accepts 'inherit' as a valid
>value. What exactly can this property inherit from?

The spec defines this here: 
<>.  To 
quote directly: "Each property may also have a specified value of 
'inherit', which means that, for a given element, the property takes 
the same computed value as the property for the element's parent."


-Adam Kuehn 

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