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flexibility for some DIVs

Sent by David Gordon on 30 March 2006 15:03

Here's a page I'm designing to work with TextPatten (its a dummy, the
links don't work).


This is looking good to me so far, the main news headlines are arranged
as I want them, a big headline over two columns followed by older news.

However to get stories 2 through 5 to line up neatly I've had to use a height:

..dg-head2 {
	width: 240px;
	float: left;
	margin-bottom: 20px;
	height: 12em;

That's fine if all the stories take up the same space, but some don't
and that leaves too much empty space. 

But if I remove the hight: as seen here


although one story moves up to make best use of the space, another drops
down - making the design worst!

So I'm asking for a solution which gives me more flexible divs, I'd like
them to take up enough space for their text without leaving big holes in
the page. Can this be done, or is my first page as good as I can hope for.

(please do point out if this design dies in your browser!)


David Gordon

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