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AlphaImageLoader creates unwanted gap in IE6/SP1

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 30 March 2006 07:07

Kara Szostek wrote:

> ... On certain pages (but not all), the actual height of 
> #inner-wrap-mid is 1px taller than it's background image, creating a 
> sliver between the background image and the image underneath it. This
> only happens in IE6/Service Pack 1. 

I think you can eliminate the gap by adding...

* html #inner-wrap-mid {padding-bottom: 1px;}
* html #inner-wrap-bot {margin-top: -1px;}

....but the filter will then create a slight, negative,
overlapping-effect on some pages/font-sizes, and it may not work
properly in IE6/SP2.

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