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IE Highlighting Bug

Sent by Colin Sheaff on 29 March 2006 19:07

On 3/28/06, Ingo Chao [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

    Colin Sheaff wrote:
    > I'm sure I could suss this out with enough hours of research and
    > trial-and-error tweaking of the site, but I would love to resolve this
    > so I ask for your help.
    > For some reason when using the mouse to highlight text (to copy text to
    > clipboard) IE 6.0 will highlight in reverse to the begining of the page.
    > doesn't happen in Firefox 1.501, or Safari 1.3.2. This actually happens
on all
    > the pages on the site. I have a feeling it's an issue with relative
    > positioning.

    Yes, looks like it depends on the position:relative you have applied to
    each p. What was the reason for doing so?

    And is there a good reason for putting text into the web with a font
    size of 10px?


It's been a while since I carved this up, but I believe the position:relative
<p> has less to do with it than the overall position:relative <div> structure.
This was done to center what is effectively a three column display. I know I
can fix the highlighting problem by throwing IE into quirks mode, but that
totally destroys the format of the page. What I'm thinking of doing now is
having a fixed-width table to encapsulate the main content and use absolute
divs within that. I'm going to pull all the relative calls as soon as I can.

As to the 10px font size, this was to tie the text size as much as possible to
the graphics of the site. Many of the headers are in a custom font which we
rendered as image files, so keeping the non-rendered text as static as possible
seemed like a good idea. And I know the ideal is to keep the site as scalable
as possible, but the client asked for very specific things early on and was
willing to compromise on usability for visual aesthetic.


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