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IE display problem(s)

Sent by Connor Boyack on 29 March 2006 18:06

I did

On 3/29/06, Holly Bergevin [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Have you tried changing the ie.css file as I suggested before? I'll
> suggest it once more. The following selectors and declarations are the ONLY
> things that should be in your ie.css file.
> #leftnav ul {
> margin-left:-5px;
> left:30px;
> margin-top:13px;
> }
> #content {
> height: 350px;
> overflow: visible;
> }
Thanks for the feedback.  I tried that, as you can see at:

In IE 6 it looks fine.  In IE 5.5, I still had to include a hack to push the
content div over by 210 pixels - before, it was overlayed on top of the left

However, in IE7b2, the overflow:visible; doesn't get caught for whatever
reason, and it doesn't expand vertically.  Anybody know a fix for this?


Connor Boyack
WebVid Productions
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