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AlphaImageLoader creates unwanted gap in IE6/SP1

Sent by Kara Szostek on 29 March 2006 18:06


I have more information about this so I'm reposting this.  What's 
happening is that I have an interior div (#inner-wrap-mid) that has a 
transparent png set as a background image.  For IE/Win, the background 
image is removed and the AlphaImageLoader is used to achieve the same 
effect.  On certain pages (but not all), the actual height of 
#inner-wrap-mid is 1px taller than it's background image, creating a 
sliver between the background image and the image underneath it.  This 
only happens in IE6/Service Pack 1.  With Service Pack 2, it displays 

Example page that has the gap in IE6/SP1:

Screenshot of problem:


The xhtml/css is valid, and changing to a strict doctype did not help.  
I have found that removing the AlphaImageLoader fixes the problem, but 
obviously it doesn't look right.   Any insight into this issue would be 
much appreciated.

Thank you!

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