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dynamic menus and z-index? (formerly More SOS)

Sent by Ingo Chao on 29 March 2006 16:04

Ingo Chao wrote:
> [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote:
> For Firefox&Co,
>    #nav li ul {z-index:1}
> should solve the problem of text+borders peeking through in flyouts of 
> preceding elements.
> For IE, I don't have a solution, since IE establishes a new stacking 
> context for each relatively positioned element, meaning that 
> "News&Events" sits over any ul that is part of "Alumni".
> ... 
> Others who regularly use flyout menus should have a solution.

Looks like I have to learn it for myself.

Since the problem is that the position:relative is establishing a new 
stacking context, which will paint over preceding ones:

- #nav li { position:relative;}

you could try to set this to position:static.

Set it to position:relative only on hover/over.

Haven't tried it, though. Maybe if my site should ever need a 
three-leveled flyout menu with negative indent.


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