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IE7 build 5335 (march 20 release) and listamatic's vertical lists

Sent by Cecil Ward on 29 March 2006 15:03

An update on IE7's progress, and styled vertical nav lists.

A month ago I had reported that the listamatic vertical list example at 

appeared broken in the earlier Feb build of IE7. (The earlier bug report is
at )

This appeared to me be due to a bug in that build of IE7, maybe I was wrong.

Having retested this in IE7 build 5335 (the March 20 release) there is still
a problem. The vertical list on that page still renders incorrectly, with
large vertical gaps.

However this issue is demonstrably related to a bad CSS hack, which needs to
be changed. The hack is at:
	#navcontainer>ul#navlist li a { width: auto; }

It turns out that knocking out that hack, as an experiment, happens to fix
the rendering here. Doing so equates to treating IE7 like IE6 in this
particular case.

Anyway, the hackery needs to be re-thought, and I don't have a proper fix
for this issue at hand. (I don't ever use in-CSS hacks, I always use
completely separate browser-specific CSS, delivered by CSS filters.) 

Cecil Ward.

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