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IE7 hovers and a IE vertical list bug?

Sent by Cecil Ward on 29 March 2006 13:01

> If you write the <li>'s without line breaks between them, the
space disappears.

Searching around, there are a fair number of these
whitespace-in-HTML-related bugs in browsers' CSS handling. I myself took the
decision to postprocess my (X)HTML in order to be able to manage this.

I do already use the HTML Tidy tool
(, as an HTML postprocessor. Tidy is
supposed to help avoid some of these whitespace browser bug issues, but
unfortunately current versions of Tidy (as at early 2006) actually
_introduce_ this kind of whitespace problem, and do so even if you do not
choose Tidy's indent/pretty-print output option.

So as a complete and lasting cure, I wrote a quick and dirty postprocessor
tool, which I run to completely strip all newlines from the HTML.

If anyone would like a copy of this tiny little newline stripper tool, just
ask, e: cecil<at>

[The tool is indeed quick and dirty, a javascript program (Microsoft JScript
dialect) running as a command line tool under Windows CSCRIPT, so I'm afraid
this limits it to recent Microsoft o/ses. Mac OSX anyone? The current
version also requires that your HTML sources be either in UTF-8 or in some
single-byte character encoding such as ISO-8859-1, say. Character encodings
such as UTF-16 are not (yet) supported.]


Cecil Ward.

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