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Horizontal scrollbar bug on Safari/FF for div#nav a la Cederholm Bulletproof scalable navigation

Sent by Rob Newman on 29 March 2006 08:08

--- Philippe Wittenbergh [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> On Mar 29, 2006, at 3:43 PM, Rob Newman wrote:
> > I have a site I am making:
> >
> > I have implemented the Scalable Navigation from Dan Cederholm's  
> > 'Bulletproof
> > Web Design' book, but have a problem with a horizontal scrollbar in  
> > Safari and
> > FF (Win). I have managed to stop it appearing on FF (Mac) with the  
> > following
> > declarations:
> Firefox, Safari and Opera 9TP2, and Konqueror, iCab, andmaybe some  
> more all have a default *padding-left* on a <ul> and <ol>.
> #nav {padding:0;} will solve all your problems.
> (and delete that overflow thing on body.)

Thanks for the prompt help Philippe. I removed the overflow declarations and
added the padding to the div#nav. This worked - great! However, is there a way
to indent the navigation (as I have it now at 10px) and still stop the
horizontal scrollbar appearing? I like the look of the tabs being indented and
not flush against the left side of the browser window. However I will scarifice
this to remove the horizontal scrollbar if need be. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
- Rob

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