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IE display problem(s)

Sent by Holly Bergevin on 29 March 2006 08:08

From: "Connor Boyack" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>

>Everything else I've fixed, but I'm still having the height issue.  IE
>won't respond to the min-height property.  If I set the height as
>400px, for example, then it won't expand it greater than 400px - so if
>the content is longer, it gets chopped off.  Does anybody know a hack
>to get IE to have a min-height?

Have you tried changing the ie.css file as I suggested before? I'll suggest it once more. The
following selectors and declarations are the ONLY things that should be in your ie.css file. 

#leftnav ul { 

#content {
height: 350px;
overflow: visible;

In other words, get rid of all the other selectors and declarations in your ie.css and make sure
that you have the above two as the only content for that style sheet. 

If you get rid of the overflow: hidden for IE, it will use any height you assign as a min-height if
the content gets longer than the height you've set. 

Anyway, try it, you might like the results.

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