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was horizontal Scrolling Now Font sizes - arizon

Sent by Felix Miata on 28 March 2006 23:11

On 06/03/28 15:59 Terri Chicko apparently typed:

> Thank you for your response. Yes I really am pretty lost with all  
> this css stuff. I'm just guessing... don't cringe. I've figured out  
> how to use Golive so it writes the code for me. That's all.
> So I read or at least skimmed all the articles you referred me to  
> about font sizing. I implemented what I thought was the correct thing  
> to do. ... coming from a print designer background it is hard to let  
> go of the control.

> Could you or someone take another look to see how this is looking  
> design wise and working for accessibility. I would like to find a  
> happy medium.
> before now (notice vertical scroll

font-size: 1em is usually pointless except for internal use.

#bodycopy needs a height (e.g. auto) that permits access to all the content.

#lftnav - replace 150px with an em width that eliminates unncessary line
wrap and div spillover.

#rtnav would probably work best mostly or entirely text-align: left, and
with less adjacent whitespace somehow, maybe with a max-width on
#wrapper, depending on your final #lftnav width.

A home page shouldn't have a live link to itself.

Making #lftnav & #rtnav a synchronous width might be a good idea

Helvetica is a poor choice for your Linux visitors:
Nimbus Sans L and/or Luxi Sans are usually installed and much preferred.
Also good if you want a large x-height font that is freely available in
TTF format for all systems are the DejaVu Sans and Bitstream Vera Sans

If SunSans-Regular is something you prefer, it should be first in the
list, and the list should end with a generic like sans-serif. Consider
eliminating any font-family rule for ordinary body copy
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