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Problem with background color change on hover

Sent by Kimberley Wilcox on 28 March 2006 23:11

Thanks so much! This worked perfectly.

On 3/28/06, cj [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> delete the padding from you <li>, as this is going to make the links
> not fill the entire <li> area.  then change your link code to:
> #navigationlinks li a {
>         display: block;
>         padding: 4px;
>         }
> this will give you the padding you took off the <li>, and it will make
> the link a block element, which means it will fill the entire <li>
> area.  be sure you take out the width declaration here, or its width
> will be "100% + 4px + 4px".  be warned your "home" non-link might need
> its own class so that you can give it padding somewhere to match the
> links.
> of course this doesn't work with ie.  if i remember right, giving the
> links layout will fix it for ie.  an example would be:
>         /* bs hoop for ie \*/
>         * html #navigationlinks li a {height: 0;}/* */
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