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IE Highlighting Bug

Sent by Ingo Chao on 28 March 2006 21:09

Colin Sheaff wrote:
> I'm sure I could suss this out with enough hours of research and
> trial-and-error tweaking of the site, but I would love to resolve this quicker
> so I ask for your help.
> For some reason when using the mouse to highlight text (to copy text to the
> clipboard) IE 6.0 will highlight in reverse to the begining of the page. This
> doesn't happen in Firefox 1.501, or Safari 1.3.2. This actually happens on all
> the pages on the site. I have a feeling it's an issue with relative
> positioning.

Yes, looks like it depends on the position:relative you have applied to 
each p. What was the reason for doing so?

And is there a good reason for putting text into the web with a font 
size of 10px?


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