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rounded box help in IE

Sent by francky on 28 March 2006 20:08

jeremy wrote:

>So, I am having trouble with this rounded box.
>I made up a simplified test page: 
>IE is adding aroun 10px to the top and bottom images in these DIVs. Why 
>is that?
>any help is much appreciated
>[and in the testpage you wrote:]
>I want to add *margin-bottom:5px;* to the paragraph tag. Why is not not expanding the DIV with it?
Hi Jeremy,
That is because the margin is the distance to the next <div>, beginning 
at the border of the paragraph. If you want the inner space to become 
greater, you can use the padding-bottom of the paragraph. Then the space 
inside the div will expand, and there is no gap in the border line left 
and right.


ps: In case you want to read more stuff about flexible corners (also 
horizontal extendable): article liquid corners 
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