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mixed-up on how to address layout and image issues in IE (PC / Mac)

Sent by Clayton Farr on 28 March 2006 19:07


As a semi-long time lurker, but first-time poster, please forgive any
unintended missteps of etiquette, retreading of well-worn questions, or
other general silliness on my part...

I have been going in circles trying to make a liquid layout (and image
display) work properly in Internet Explorer (just how is it these guys are
gajillionaires?) I've listed below the issues that I'm aware of, but if
there are others it would be great to hear about them as well.

The layout is adapted from Doug Bowman's 'liquid bleach' approach ( although I'm
sure in the course of learning and trying different CSS thingies I may have
mixed it up a bit.

Any insights or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I am
getting a fairly good handle on building a site semantically and to
standards but have run myself into the ground trying to hack proper results
in IE. I'm guessing (hoping?) that maybe I've just overlooked something

The website is currently just an interim single (long) page, but the layout
is intact:

The issues (that I'm aware of at least) are:

*  Internet Explorer 6 / PC
   -  right hand side-bar (floated:right) breaks and goes below other float
on resize of browser window
   -  inline images in right-hand sidebar show up as lower res versions;
images are inline, but being scaled to sidebar current width by CSS - could
this be causing it? (this problem seems to be somewhat inconsistent)
   -  max / min-width not usable; I realize this is a limitation of IE -
I've come across the solution mentioned at '' but wasn't sure if a simpler
method had cropped up since

*  Internet Explorer 5 & 7 / PC
   -  haven't been able to check yet

*  Internet Explorer 5 / Mac
   -  banner image at top of page (placed via css and php random image
script) is not showing up
   -  same sidebar issue as IE6/PC
   -  same inline images within sidebar issue as IE6/PC

Thanks in advance for any feedback. Hopefully I haven't made this request
too long in the tooth or left anything worth knowing out. Please just let me
know if so.

Clayton Farr
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