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Clearing 2 floated content areas

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 28 March 2006 19:07

> First, the white color behind the tabbed navigation does not extend
> to the far right of the page as it does in Firefox, for example. I 
> thought I'd fixed this by giving the #nav div a fixed width of 713px.
> But IE won't play nice.

* html ul#nav {width: 100%;} a correction for IE only.

> The other, more serious problem is that the footer div no longer 
> clears the floats and thus my footer now appears to be more of a
> belt, than a footer :-(

#container {height: auto;}
....since IE doesn't know that 'height: 100%' should default to 'height:
auto' in such a layout.

I have only tested the above with inline-styles and made sure it works.
I've also only tested in Firefox, Opera 9tp2 and IE6, where all
3 browsers rendered a copy of your page (with changes) identical.

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