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Clearing 2 floated content areas

Sent by Anthony L on 28 March 2006 17:05

Hi all,

I know there are a million articles on the subject, but I am stumped.
On a previous incarnation of this page I sucessfully used the footer
div to clear the tow opposingly floated content areas.

Recently, I updated the code to center the content in the browser.

This caused 2 problems in Explorer which baffle me :-(

See here:

First, the white color behind the tabbed navigation does not extend to
the far right of the page as it does in Firefox, for example. I
thought I'd fixed this by giving the #nav div a fixed width of 713px.

But IE won't play nice.

The other, more serious problem is that the footer div no longer
clears the floats and thus my footer now appears to be more of a belt,
than a footer :-(


Or pointers to where I might read more on this subject? I've read
through the complexsprial article and the easyclearing article on
positioniseverything, but couldn't see how to apply that knowledge to
this situation.

Thanks :-)
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