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Peer Review Request: Holy Grail Template

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 28 March 2006 14:02

Bill Brown/Jessica Weinberg wrote:
> I'd love some feedback on the site, the code, the design,...]
> The link is
> Bill

Obviously you are not a newcomer. It is a well conceived, and well 
executed series of layouts.A couple of notes, none having to do with CSS.

I don't use font-size widgets, so you've got me frozen at 1400 with 11px 
mousetype content in IE. Consequently, I retaliate and put your page in 
accessibility mode with all 3 boxes checked: a pain for me, that does 
not do your page justice(and you may need text for the image). On a 
decent browser, being confronted with an 11px /start/ point is not fun. 
The page is a little boring, visually. How about a little color, 
somewhere, anywhere(except aqua on hover)?

All in all, nice job!

Best, and welcome,


Typography exists to honor content. 
--Robert Bringhurst

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