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DIV width not the same in IE and FF > missing FF-scrollbar

Sent by francky on 28 March 2006 09:09

Holly Bergevin wrote:

>From: "Jay Blanchard" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
>>If you will look at this page, as well as clicking on the terms or
>>privacy links in IE and then FF you will see that FF renders the width
>>of div.wide correctly (width here is really determined by margin i.e.
>>#content div.wide{margin: 0px 40px 0px 40px;} whereas IE does not.
>>Is this part of the box model problem or am I looking at some other
>>beasty? T
>I think what you're looking at is not a box model problem but a difference in browsers. IE always
shows a vertical scrollbar (or its track), even on pages that are short enough not to need
scrolling. FF and other browsers do not. So, when you have a page in which the browser width
determines the width of the content (as in your .wide div), IE will show things noticabley narrower
by a scrollbar's width. You can compensate for the visual difference if you'd like, by making it so
FF shows a scrollbar too. I forget what that trickery is at the moment however, sorry.
html { height: 101%; }
.... is one of the possibilities to give always a scrollbar, without 
influencing the rest of the layout (is what I learned here).
In IE, there is still only the scrollbar-space, not the scrollbar itself.

html { height: 100%; padding-bottom: 1px; }
.... is a more subtle one, and FF doing fine; but this is too subtle for 

It's not only the difference between browsers for applying this, I 
think. Most important reason for me is: it will avoid that the pages are 
jumping around (the 16px scrollbar-width to the left; or back to the 
right) when changing from a screen-fitting page (short content) to a 
larger page (which needs a scrollbar). Or jumping when a page is just 
screen-fitting, and you scale the fontsize in the browser.
In this case IE ('MS is thinking for you') is performing better, IMO - 
but they do compensate that more as enough. ;-)


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