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center col Table drops below left column content in IE

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 28 March 2006 06:06


> Question 1: why does Table with 100% width inside a center column 2 
> drop below content of left column in IE but not in Firefox?

The short answer: IE/win has calculation-bugs. 100% isn't always 100%.
The quick solution, add...

* html div#column2 {height: 100%;}
* html div#column2 table {float: left; margin-right: -10px;}

....which will provide some space for IE to put its bugs without messing
up the layout.

> Question 2: why is <div style = "clear:both;"></div> required above 
> footer div markup for footer to clear the three columns despite using
>  "no-extra-markup" clearing method .clearme class on the
> threecolwrap?

It isn't.
Remove the clearing-div, and add...

#footer {clear: both;}


Note: you should also add...

html {font-size: 100%;} avoid the 'em resizing bug'[1] in IE/win.


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