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Gap between li's

Sent by Rella Abernathy on 27 March 2006 23:11

Take out all the white space, like this:

ul id="navlist"><li><a id="active" href="#">Home</a></li><li><a  
href="#">Customers</a></li><li><a href="#">Company</a></li><li><a  
href="#">Solutions</a></li><li><a href="#">Contact</a></li></ul>

It looks terrible, but it works.

On Mar 27, 2006, at 11:41 PM, Cole Tuininga wrote:

> Here's another one for you folks:
> Again the url is
> This time, I'm trying to eliminate the gap between the menu items
> (which are <li>'s).  Any thoughts?
> --
> Cole Tuininga
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