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IE display problem(s)

Sent by Connor Boyack on 27 March 2006 21:09

> >In IE, the min-height isn't recognized.. so on the index.html page, the
> >footer is right up underneath it.  How can I get hack the CSS to get IE to
> >push the footer down a bit?
> Perhaps set a height? (By the way, your current index.html page does not look as you describe it
above in my IE6.)

Everything else I've fixed, but I'm still having the height issue.  IE
won't respond to the min-height property.  If I set the height as
400px, for example, then it won't expand it greater than 400px - so if
the content is longer, it gets chopped off.  Does anybody know a hack
to get IE to have a min-height?

Connor Boyack
WebVid Productions
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