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content dropping below sidebar navigation - tried the usual

Sent by Dan H on 27 March 2006 18:06

First, I apologize for my being blinded on this.  I am thinking I will 
kick myself when I get the answer but I have been looking at this too 
long, I suppose.

My page has a main content area div  inside of a main container.  The 
main content area div -#main content area -  houses the left side bar - 
#sidebarA,  and the main content - #content - on the page.  The left 
sidebar is floated left.  I am pretty sure there is plenty of margin and 
padding between the sidebar and the content.  the sidebar is 175px wide 
and the left margin of the content is 200px.

I have tried giving #main content area a position:relative setting and 
that did nothing.  Also tried height:100%.  That did nothing.

Using the developer tool bar if FF, I notice that #content is not listed 
under #main-content-area as it should be.  I am guessing that I have a 
misplaced tag that I cannot, for whatever reason, track down.

The page validates HTML 4.01 Strict   The css validates except for the 
orange border color .  There are borders around the #sidebarA - orange, 
the #content - blue and the #main-content-area - red.  These will be 
Side note: some of the other pages may not validate at this time.  I am 
concerned with only the main page right now.

Any help appreciated and any other comments accepted, also.


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